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‘A Bike That Will Replace Your Family Car.’ GearJunkie Tests Out The Yuba Mundo Cargo Bike

“I tested the Mundo model from Yuba this summer and early fall. It is a capable hauler, and with big pannier bags hooked onto the frame a rider can roll home with a full grocery cart of food.

“For kids, the bike is an excellent alternative to a car on short trips. My young boys, aged 4 and 6, jump onto the Yuba with smiles. They howl for more as we rocket down hills.”

See the entire review here.

The GearJunkie Test Riders give smiles of approval!

Cranksgiving Marin – Help the Marin County Food Bank

My favorite part of bicycling is that it makes me feel connected to the community.  When you ride a bike, you don’t ride through a community, you ride in it.  You feel this ethos when you are with other cyclists. It’s a community.  So as thanksgiving approaches, it only makes sense that cyclists would reach out to do something for the community around them.  Yuba Bicycles is proud to be sponsoring this event to benefit the community food bank this year.  Please join us.

Cranksgiving is a charitable event that happens every year all across America.  It has become a new tradition that cyclists can be proud of.  Cranksgiving Marin is our local cycling community coming together to help the less fortunate by collecting food for the Marin County Food Bank.   It’s a fun way to use our bicycles for a great cause.  We’ll ride to different grocery stores to collect all the food on our shopping list on a scenic tour through six marin county communities.

Riders will receive a “manifest” before the ride that they will use as a shopping list to purchase items from various grocery stores along the route.  Bagging rights go to the rider or team that completes first and the rider/team that collects the most.  In the end, the community wins.   All food is donated to the Marin county Food Bank who efficiently redistributes food to those in need.

The event is free, but you need to bring enough money to purchase the items on the manifest.  We recommend asking people you know to help by donating to your cause.  Remember to bring your biggest panniers and strongest bike if you plan to collect a lot of food.  And don’t forget your lock, too.

Celebrate with us at the After-Party hosted by Rock The Bike at the Marin County Brewing company starting at 5:00 when the winners of each category will be announced.   Any donation for the music at the after party will be gladly accepted.


Enjoy, Matt!

Matthew, a happy new Mundo owner

I sold my bike today.  Well, it’s wasn’t really my bike.  It belonged to Yuba.  But in my mind, it was my bike.  If you’ve been cruising our web site or seen our ads, chances are you’ve seen this bike.  Funny thing is I didn’t think I was attached to it until I saw it roll away and suddenly it hit me.  Damn.  That baby and I have been through some real adventures together over the last year.  It was my daily commuter to Yuba HQ in Sausalito.  But it was also the Yuba demo bike that went with me to nearly every sales call and new town that Yuba visited over the last year.  Some people put hundreds of miles on their bikes and never leave their community.  My bike and I have covered hundreds of miles through dozens of different towns and cities all over the country.  Each ride was a wonderful adventure of exploration and discovery and really good memories – from Portland to Los Angeles, from Santa Cruz to Madison.

She and I parted ways in Flower Mound, Texas of all places.  That’s near Dallas where the dawn is really starting to break on utility bicycling.  Matthew is her new owner.  He’s from Plano, Texas.  Matthew is committed to reducing his carbon footprint by commuting to work exclusively via Mundo.  Those of you up north know the commitment it is to commute by bike all winter. Down here it’s the summers that’ll get ya.  We’re all behind you, Matt.  He’s also thinking of adding electric drive to make his new Mundo.  I hope we hear more from him on this blog and facebook.  Well, have fun, Matthew.  I wish you both many fun adventures.  Don’t forget to post!

Hmm, there’s still enough daylight left for me to pull a new Mundo out of the box and get her ready for tomorrow’s adventure in…um…Oak Cliff!  Let’s see.  Orange.  How perfect!


The Season of “Go-Getter” Giving

The season of giving is here.  Bicyclists feel a strong sense of community and so they are particulary active this time of year — despite the cold.  There are two events in the Bay Area that need your support.  These events support the Marin County Food Bank and The San Francisco Food Bank.  These organizations collect and distribute food to thousands of people throughout the Bay Area who would otherwise go hungry.

In Marin County on November 27th, the Marin County Bicycle coalition will be sponsoring the 2nd annual “Cranksgiving” event in Fairfax, CA.  See the MCBC website for more information.   In San Francisco, there is the The 5th annual Supermarket Street Sweep on Saturday, Dec 4th.   Please come and bring your Mundo or any ride and help those less fortunate this holiday season.

The Total Toddler Toter!

Yuba Bicycles, Makers of the Mundo cargo bike has introduced a complete line of accessories that make the Mundo the cool, fun and practical way to take the little tikes with you on all your errands.  Best of all, the Mundo can be configured as your tiny ones become not so tiny.  Turns out, the ultimate cargo bike is also the fun and practical way to ferry your family!
Treehugger.com recently reviewed the Mundo and proclaimed it a “Fab Kid and Cargo Carrying Bicycle”

The Volvotm of Bicycles

Lovin' The Ride

The Yuba “Peanut Shell” child seat is made from molded plastic that wraps around your child.  Built for children from 19 to 48 pounds, the Peanut Shell is made to fit the Mundo’s substantial rear rack.  Loading and unloading your precious cargo is easier because the Mundo’s rack is lower than most bicycle racks.

Grab your Goober and Go Get some Groceries

Peanut shell & Go-Getter

Yuba’s 20 gallon “Go-Getter” panniers have been upgraded with improved straps and safety features.  They can carry two full bags of groceries without removing them from the grocery bag.  No need to pack items individually into your panniers; just slip the whole grocery bag right in.  The Go-Getter is conveniently organized into halves by the included divider.   But unlike other bikes, the Mundo allows you to take your child grocery shopping and have plenty of room to carry groceries.  That’s because both the go-getter bags and the Peanut Shell can be installed and used at the same time.

Room to Grow on the Mundo

Two Peanut Shells

Only the Mundo offers two child seats that can be installed behind the rider for a safer, more comfortable ride.  When one child gets a little older, a seat can be removed and the taller child (over 48”) can ride on the “Soft-Spot” padded seat and feel confident grabbing the “Hold-On” Stoker bars.  Their feet rest securely on the Mundo’s “Side Load” bars.  Later, when your child wants their own ride, you won’t need to worry about Jr. Birdman getting tired riding their own bike because when they do you can easily strap their bike to the Mundo with the Yuba Cargo Straps and let the little guy ride behind you.

Yuba Bicycles’ expanding line of accessories continue to make the Yuba Mundo the ultimate fun machine for carrying friends, kids, groceries or anything!  The Mundo is the “true” green bicycle because it can be used for real-life tasks that would normally require a car to accomplish.  Have fun while doing everyday errands and expand your utility, community, mobility!

Designed for environmentally conscious individuals who want to lower their auto expenses, shrink their carbon footprint, have fun and get healthy, the Yuba Mundo allows bicyclists to accomplish tasks that previously required a car or truck. Shop for groceries, pedal your children to school, carry a surfboard to the beach, haul tools to the job site or take a picnic to the beach.  Like a minivan or pickup truck on two wheels, the Mundo makes errands fun—minus the pollution and high cost.

The Yuba Mundo: “Challenging the perception of What a Bicycle Can Do