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Child Bike Seat, Bike Trailer, or Cargo Bike? – Part One

There are many options for traveling by bicycle with your children.  Should you choose a child bike seat, bike trailer, or a cargo bike?  Making the best choice for your needs can be a bit confusing.  We have created this primer series to help you choose the best set-up for your needs when traveling with children by bicycle.  

(This part is intended as an overview of some general considerations that will help you to select a suitable bike for the job, and examines some of the benefits and challenges of choosing the bike over the car.  Part Two examines the various choices available for meeting your needs, including different bike styles and accessory options such as a child bike seat, bike trailer, cargo bikes, and gear carriers.  Your best choice will be influenced by your needs, which you will better understand by reading (this) Part One.)

A Child Bike Seat Alternative: Monkey Bars for the Yuba Mundo make it safe and fun to carry kids by bike!

Child Bike Seat Alternative: Yuba Mundo with Monkey Bars make it safe and fun to carry kids by bike!

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‘A Bike That Will Replace Your Family Car.’ GearJunkie Tests Out The Yuba Mundo Cargo Bike

“I tested the Mundo model from Yuba this summer and early fall. It is a capable hauler, tadalafil and with big pannier bags hooked onto the frame a rider can roll home with a full grocery cart of food.

“For kids, the bike is an excellent alternative to a car on short trips. My young boys, aged 4 and 6, jump onto the Yuba with smiles. They howl for more as we rocket down hills.”

See the entire review here.

The GearJunkie Test Riders give smiles of approval!

“Forget the MiniVan” says Outside Magazine. Family Life with the Yuba el Mundo.

Wondering what it is like to trade in the car for an Electric Cargo Bike? Michael Roberts shares his experience with his family on an el Mundo at Outside Magazine Online.

Outside Minivan

Ready to ditch the MiniVan!? Get your el Mundo here.

Report from Pedalfest


Here’s a video from KTVU showing all the shenanigans at Pedalfest 2013. Check out the Yuba segment around the 1:00 mark.

DSC04811We had a fantastic time at the East Bay Bike Coalition’s Pedalfest at beautiful Jack London Square this past weekend. This event was especially special, because we got to hang out with our friends in Cyclecide and Rock the Bike as well as connect with our many customers in the the East Bay.


photo 14DSC04912 This guy had the coolest Mundo we saw at Pedalfest with not one, but two drummers on a trailer on the back! They sure looked like they were having a lot of fun! Notice his stylish hat? Impress us at an event, and you could win one too!

photo 8 The kids loved the all-new Monkey Bars accessory. In many cases, they liked it so much, they didn’t want to get off the bike.

DSC04750The famed cargo-biking Marleau family stopped by the Yuba booth to say hi and show off the kids’ training-wheel-free bikes.

DSC04870 DSC04871

Oakland’s Mayor Jean Quan stopped by to check out the elBoda. She was very excited to learn about the advances in ebike technology since she bought her first electric bike ten years ago (can we say ebike pioneer?) Maybe we’ll get her on one next year….


Matt the Intern takes a break after things slow down in the late afternoon.

All in all, it was a great event! Many thanks to East Bay Bike Coalition, Bay Area Bikes and Jack London Square for hosting us!

Many thanks to Allyson Rickard for letting us use here photos. Her artwork can be seen at

Tahoe Daily Tribune: Bicycle pizza delivery pedals on

tahoeSouth Lake Tahoe is moving up the urban ladder. No, view the city is not getting rail cars. But one business is bringing a new kind of delivery to town.

Justin Gresh of Vinny’s Pizzeria is putting the pedal to the pizza. The new business owner is delivering his fresh baked pies via bicycle.

“It’s a true replacement for your car or truck,” Gresh said outside his shop Wednesday. “For delivering pizzas it’s the perfect thing.”

Gresh has enjoyed riding bikes most of his life. Incorporating them into his business just seemed like the natural next step, he said.

After spending an afternoon in the heat of the kitchen, the bike provides a reprieve from the bustle.

“I like the idea of using the bike for business,” he said. “It’s fun for me to be able to get out of the place for a minute.”

Gresh specially built his ultimate delivery bike on the frame of a Yuba Cargo Bike. With a large pizza carrier on the back and the load capacity of more than 400 pounds, he can carry enough pizza for a decent-size party.

“This thing is great if you wanted to load up a couple kegs and throw a pizza on the back,” he laughed.

So far, he and his wife have delivered to Lakeside Beach and most often the Stateline casinos, not far from his location at Highway 50 and Pioneer. Bike delivery has been well received by his customers, Gresh said.

“Everybody has been super stoked,” he said.

With good weather and most flat surroundings, the business owner can cover a radius of about 1 mile without any problems. But before he lets his employees go riding all over town with hot pizza, he has to think about safety and training.

“From a business perspective, it’s a little more complex,” he said.

Nonetheless, he hopes to keep riding fresh food to hungry customers.

“In the summer, when the weather is nice, everybody is on a bike,” he said. “Doing deliveries isn’t something you really think about, but it’s so accessible.”

Though he does have studded tires, the bike delivery will probably have to go on hold when it gets cold.

“In the winter, it’ll have to go into hibernation,” he said.

Read more here….

From the Mailbag: Greg N’s Mundo Review


“My friend Peter came to town with two friends to play a show with two other musicians. He had no car on this trip. We rode our Yuba Mundo (black, shown here locked to two friends’ bikes) and carried a green Brompton folding bicycle for Peter to ride back to our place. On the return trip, I carried his luggage and his guitar on the Yuba. Perfect. Best part: drafting three Lycra-clad carbon-frame-riding roadies for four miles on the trail–and keeping up with a pannier and a Brompton strapped to the cargo bike, comfy 2.35” tires-and wearing jeans and cowboy boots. They kept shifting up and looking back to see if Brianna and I were still there. I thanked them kindly as we peeled off at our turn, saying: “Cargo bikes are fast!” Their response: “Well, that one is!” Just another great ride on the Mundo.”

-Greg N.

People Powered Movement Photo Contest

As you may know, store we have partnered with the Alliance for Biking and Walking this year as part of our commitment to transportation cycling. We believe in the work they do making our streets safer for riders of all ages and abilities. We wanted to support local bike coalitions across North America that are making our streets safer, there and our journeys a little bit more sustainable. 
yuba_thumbSo, cialis if you work for or know of a bike coalition that is in need of a Yuba Mundo, let them know about the photo contest. 

Full rules and information can be found here. 


Boda Boda Beyond Thunderdome

Some of our customers really exemplify the Yuba spirit; they put a lot of effort into helping others put the fun into bicycles and really having a ball on their Yubas. We’ve shown you pictures of Tim’s Pimped Out Boda Boda Before – but have you seen it dressed up as a autogyro from Mad Max? No, neither had we. 



I’m a both a Ride Leader and Chain Guard (safety) member of both the Denver Bike Night and the Denver Cruiser Ride. Last week our theme was “Mad Max, Beyond Thunderdome”, so I dressed up both myself and the bike as the Auto-Gyro Pilot. I had a great time and so did Max & Lu.


image002 image004 image007

Yuba Summer Fun Photo Contest

Win Fabulous Yuba Apparel!

We have fantastic new Yuba apparel – hats and aprons – and we want you to win some in our summer photo contest.


This is Marc and Matt modeling our new Yuba apparel. Don’t they look purdy?

Any photo of you doing summertime activities on your Yuba is eligible, from hauling a BBQ, to taking your SUP to the lake, to taking a bunch of kidlets and their swim things to the pool.

To enter, simply post the photo to the Yuba Bicycles Facebook page, post to Twitter (#yubasummerfun), email to info at yubabikes dot com, or post to our Instagram (#yubasummerfun).

1st Prize is a Yuba Apron and a Yuba Hat.
2nd Prize is a Yuba Hat.
3rd Prize is a Yuba Apron.

Entries must be received before July 8, 2013, 9am PST. Submissions are welcome from all over the globe, but prizes will only be given to residents of North America. Judging will be performed by Yuba Staff.

Update: The Entries So Far

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North Bay Business Journal: Yuba bikes finds new home in Petaluma

Monday, dosage June 10, 2013, 7:00 am

Yuba bikes finds new home in Petaluma

Small maker of cargo-style bikes moves from Sausalito


Yuba Bicycles can be outfitted to carry two or three children in securely mounted seats with wheel guards to protect little feet.

PETALUMA – Yuba Bicycles LLC, maker of the Mundo and Boda Boda families of cargo bikes, has moved its headquarters to 409 Petaluma Blvd. South with 5,000 square feet of space – more than five times the capacity of its previous location in Sausalito.

“We chose Petaluma because it is a bike-friendly and very livable community where we could expand our business in an affordable manner,” said company owner Benjamin Sarrazin.

“Petaluma is a great place for our five employees to live and work without long commutes. We want to help make bicycling even more popular and practical than it is today.”

Ben Sarrazin, Owner and founder of Yuba Bicycles LLC, on an elMundo BionX cargo bike with an electric assist motor and battery pack.

Mr. Sarrazin is an adventurer and a world traveler who grew up in bike-friendly Strasbourg, France, before coming to the U.S.  He founded the company in 2006.

His mission is to provide parents and family members (ages 25 to 55) with bikes that can replace cars for doing errands, bringing kids to school, transporting a ladder or when taking a kayak, surfboard, paddle board or inflatable raft to the beach.

“We’re witnessing a two-wheel revolution. It’s a new phenomenon. We want consumers to envision how cargo bikes fit their active lifestyle and realize that they don’t need a car for short trips.”

He said craftsman, such as carpenters and plumbers, are putting their shops on our bikes and carrying the tools and supplies they need to and from a worksite.

Yuba Bicycles, named for the Yuba River where Mr. Sarrazin enjoys kayaking, recently launched several new bike models.

The new elMundo and elBoda Boda models are equipped with BionX electric pedal-assist motors made in Canada as options for customers who want extra power for longer trips, or when carrying bigger loads.

Ben Sarrazin, owner and founder of Yuba Bicycles LLC, is shown on a cargo bike equipped to transport a paddle board.

The BionX regenerative breaking system (which charges the battery when brakes are applied) makes it possible to go up to 37 miles (60 km) per charge with a top-speed of 20 mph (32 kpm).

The firm’s Boda Boda model takes its name from the Boda-Boda taxis that are part of the East African bicycle culture.

Reported to be the world’s lightest and most compact cargo bike, the Boda Boda weighs in at 35 lbs., yet is capable of carrying up to a week’s worth of groceries in a single trip.

The elBoda Bionx has eight speeds and can generate up to 355 Watts of power.  The Boda Lux, built to European specifications, includes fenders, dynamo lights and Big Ben tires.

The Mundo v4 is the 21-speed bike that started it all.  Mr. Sarrazin was a co-designer of this bike as well as other models currently available.

The elMundo BionX, with 21 speeds and 455 Watts of power has enough “umph to get you there,” according to Mr. Sarrazin.  The Mundo NuVinci Lux comes with the NuVinci 360 internal hub, dynamo lights and was also built to European specifications.

All Yuba Bicycle models are made in China and shipped to Yuba Bicycles in the U.S. for assembly and customization.

A complete line of accessories and bike models are kept in inventory at the company’s warehouse and repair facility adjacent to the showroom and administrative offices.

The standard Yuba bike retails from $999 to $1,500. Bicycles with electric assist motors and battery packs are priced from $2,700 to $3,500, depending on the configuration and accessories.

Yuba Bicycles are unique. The wheelbase is 15 inches longer for stability and to accommodate additional passengers (including up to two or three children in secure hard-mounted seats). Wheel covers are also available to protect little feet. For older passengers, rumble strap handles make it easy to hold on.

Sturdy steel racks and heavy-duty aluminum front baskets provide strength to hold packages and/or saddlebags mounted on bamboo decks.

An innovative double-prong bike kickstand is standard allowing for easier loading. There are running-board style feet and cargo supports, as well as special places to attach tie-down straps to secure large cargo.

The Yuba Bicycle business model includes developing the brand label and identity, as well as sales, marketing and distribution.

“We have a network of distributors in place across the U.S. from Maine to Florida, Texas, Washington State, Colorado, California and points in between.

“Our bikes are also distributed in Europe, Australia, Thailand, Canada and Singapore.  The goal is to expand our distributor base and our global reach into other markets, said Mr. Sarrazin. “Cargo biking is really catching on.”

The company has doubled annual sales each year since 2010.

Yuba Bicycles won a Green Dot Award in May 2013 in the Best Sustainable Transportation category given in recognition of outstanding products or services manufactured and delivered in an environmentally friendly manner. (

For information about Yuba Bicycles LLC, go to