Announcing the “StokeMonkey Mundo”

Drew's StokeMonkey Mundo

Want the stability and handling of the Yuba Mundo and the power of the StokeMonkey? The eBike Store of Portland is now shipping Mundos equipped with StokeMonkey electric motor kits. Want to build  your own? The eBike store is also manufacturing and shipping the StokeMonkey Adapter Kit designed specifically for the Mundo.

Yuba Bicycles already offers an electric-assist version of the Mundo called elMundo as well as an electric upgrade kit for the Mundo. ElMundo is a front-hub motor system based on the eZee electric motor kit. The StokeMonkey Mundo is an alternative for riders that prefer the additional hill-climbing power of the popular, mid-drive StokeMonkey electric motor system.

StokeMonkey Adapter for the Yuba Mundo

Yuba Bicycles’ mission has always been to get people to use their bikes for everyday errands instead of their cars. Electric-assist systems enable the Mundo to go further distances in steeper terrains. The result is people will use their bicycles to make trips that they would normally make in their car, turning car-trips into bike-trips. Yuba is jazzed that they can offer riders multiple electric-assist solutions depending on their preferences. Whichever system you use, adding electric-assist perfectly complements the Mundo’s load-carrying capabilities and confidence-inspiring handling characteristics, enabling riders to comfortably go further, faster. Whether you are carrying groceries, children, a cooler full of beers or all of the above, the Mundo is “What a Bicycle Can Do!”

Prices and Availability

You can order your StokeMonkey Mundo at the eBike Store in Portland at 201 North Alberta Street, Portland, OR 97217 or order online at The elMundo sells for $2,597 and is shipping today. ElMundo electric power kit for the Mundo sells for $1,350. ElMundo is available at select Yuba Dealers Worldwide (see dealer map at or on their on-line store (

Holy Krypto-Holder, Batman!

People asks us which lock they should buy and if there is a slick way to carry a lock on the Mundo.  I wanted to point out that I have found this nifty way to carry a Kryptonite lock on the Mundo.  It’s fast and easy to remove and re-lock to the rack and it stays put when there.  Simple and elegant.  This is the Kyrptonite 4″ x 11″ lock.  In order for this to work, you need to remove the small tab from the lock that is used to mount the lock on the kryptonite lock carrier that attaches to the bike frame.  It comes off really easily by lostening a little allen screw in the tab.  In my experience, that system doesn’t last anyway.

By the way, there are lots of great web sites will give you a guide to which lock you should buy and how to properly lock your bike like this one on Kryptonites’ Web Site or this one at

Is it possible to use too many locks?  Hmm…

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Introducing the new elMundo Electric Cargo Bike

After a few years of R&D, Yuba and eZee are proud to introduce the new Yuba/eZee elMundo Electric Cargo Bike. The Mundo is without doubt one of the best frame to be used as a platform for an electric powered bike. The association of the stable and solid Mundo frame with eZee’s reliable electrical components, makes the elMundo the number #1 alternative to a gas-powered vehicle. The elMundo is fills the gap between bicycles and cars for urban and even sub-urban travel.

elMundo electric cargo bicycle
Introducing the Yuba elMundo

Powerful, fast and cheap

• pedal as fast as Lance Armstrong
• travel up to at least 20mph
• go 20 or more miles on a charge (more if you can charge the battery at work)
• haul your kids
• carry your groceries
• transport any sporting or music equipment

It’s amazingly cheap and practical:

-> no license required
-> no parking
-> no insurance
-> street legal
-> no DMV
-> no $4/gallon refill necessary

Our Electric partner, eZee kinetics

EZee Kinetics Ltd.  has been offering electric kits and electric bikes for many years. So there are a lot of reasons why we have chosen the eZee electric components for the elMundo.

eZee makes the highest quality motor and kits on the market. They don’t cut corners and they pay attention to the details. For instance, the wheel the motors are mounted on are built well, no further adjustment necessary. The controller is weatherproof and integrates self-diagnosis options. The battery pack exists in multiple shapes or configurations and they use the best quality Panasonic cells. In addition the owner of eZee cares, he is a bike rider and even uses his elMundo to ride his young daughter around.

Yuba Bicycles commitment to Electric Cargo Bikes

We have recently added an extensive electric section to our website, with complete product description of the elMundo, some general information about Electric Cargo Bikes, and a FAQ section about elMundo and Electric Utility Bikes.

Stay posted in the up-coming weeks for more information and blog posts featuring the elMundo and electric bike technology. Such as battery and motor care, getting more range of one’s elMundo bike, troubleshooting and repairing, benefits of riding Electric Cargo Bikes.

Make your own Tow Tray from a Running Board

The Mundo is great for hauling another Mundo or any bike for that matter.  The Mundo Side-Loaders provide a cradle for the front wheel of any bike to be towed.  The only problem is that you need to use lots of padding to keep either bike from getting scratched.  Then I had a brainstorm (look out, marketing puke in R&D) and came up with a pretty cool way to modify a Mundo “Running-board” to solve the problem.  I call it the “Mobile Bike Rack”.  This solution makes hauling another bike a snap.  Loading a bike to tow takes less than a minute, and no scratches!

You can purchase the running boards from your local Yuba dealer or order your running boards on-line here.


Here’s what you do.  First, I made mine to fit the left side of the Mundo, so when I’m towing a bike it doesn’t end up hitting something on the side of the road.  Then:

1. With the running board mounted on the Mundo, use a marker pen to draw the outline of the side-loader on the underside of the running board.
2. Take the running board off and draw a line between each of the strap holes using a straight-edge.  Draw the rest of the slot to be cut out.  I made my slot 2″ wide to fit the Mundo’s WTB Freedom Cruz tire that comes stock on the Mundo.
3. Make sure the slot is as long as you can make it.  Draw rounded ends to complete the outline of the slot you are going to cut out.  Using a jig-saw with a fine-tooth blade, cut out the slot. Sand the edges with some 100 grit emory paper.
4. Use the piece you cut out as a “scratch guard” that will be mounted the Mundo’s frame.  Draw a line between the strap holes and remove excess.
5. Make marks on the scratch guard to align with the braze-ons on the rack and drill 3/16″ holes.
6. Mount the scratch guard onto the rack.
7. Wrap the mounted scratch guard with some padding to protect the fork of the bike being towed.
8. Here’s the finished product.  (Minus the padding)
9. The front wheel of the towed bike fits right into the slot.
10. Use a Yuba Strap to secure the towed bike to the Mundo
And you’re off!

Little feet, keep them safe!

Wheel Covers on the Yuba MundoThe Yuba Mundo is now one of the most popular bicycle for carrying passengers including kids. One or multiple kids can be carried on the Mundo rear platform using the Soft Spot padded seat, the Hold-On safety bar and the Running Boards for feet support. However little feet next to moving wheels are exposed to being caught into the spokes.
At our Sausalito workshop we have designed, a simple lightweight and affordable solution for you to install on your Mundo when carrying kids. We call them the “Wheel Skirts”. The Wheel Skirts are made out of a coroplast, the material can be found at most hardware store and the cost for a coroplast sheet is fairly limited. The Wheel Skirts are easy to install on the Mundo, with zip ties and a few bolts. It is also possible to ask for them when ordering a bike from Yuba.

Kit for Wheel coverWe have posted the instructions on how to make the Wheel Skirts here.Wheel Skirts

Hold-Ons: Two Local Youths Test the Mundo Stoker Bars


The “Hold-Ons” are the most fun accessory for the Mundo.  These stoker bars give your passenger something to hold onto while they ride around on the back of your  Mundo.  The Hold-Ons attach to the 31.8 mm seat post of the Mundo and hold standard 25.4 mm bars.  They are available from your local Yuba Dealer or on-line for $49.00.  Dealers like the kit, too.  “I can get the stem, bar and grips from my regular suppliers, but the fact that Yuba cuts the bars and provides all the pieces is much more convenient.  And, at $49.00, its a deal for the customer, too.”, says Joe Doebele from Joe Bike in Portland.

The two youths in this video are extraordinary young mountain bikers here in Marin.  They ride some rad bikes, but today they stopped by to give the Mundo a test spin.