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Child Bike Seat, Bike Trailer, or Cargo Bike? – Part Two

Bike Trailer or Kids Bike seat or Cargo Bike? In Part One of this series, we explored a general overview of traveling with children by bike, some general considerations that will help you select a suitable bike for the job, and the benefits and challenges of choosing the bike over the car. In this post (Part Two) of this series, we will examine some of the different types of bikes available to carry kids, such as a child bike seat, bike trailer, and cargo bikes.  We conclude this series in Part Three with some rider profiles and other resources to help you decide how to travel with children by bike.

(Note: While we are endeavoring to give a comprehensive overview, we can not possibly discuss all available options here. We hope to give you a good amount of information to make an informed decision, or a good starting point should you decide to do more research. Please send us feedback to info at yubabikes dot com.)

What are the options for traveling by bicycle with children? 

There are various types of bicycles and accessories that are suited to carrying your kids and gear by bike. The best solution for you will be a decision based on your individual riding needs, personal preference, and available budget (as discussed in Part One of this series). This post (Part Two) will give an overview of the various types of bikes available, some of the pros and cons of each style, and then explore some of the brands and products in each type.

The New Family Van

The New Family Van

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elMundo BionX Electric Cargo Bike
Launched back in 2006 right here in California, cost Yuba set out with a goal to create cargo bicycles that were practical for getting groceries and running daily errands. Benjamin Sarrazin now introduces us to his latest model in the El Mundo BionX electric cargo bike.

Constructed from a steel frame with an extended wheel base, online the 21 speed bicycle features a 455 watt electric motor that will give rider’s a nice boost as they pedal through town. The bike’s rechargeable battery is good for a range of almost 40 miles, and has plenty of room out back for groceries, and even small children. The electric elMundo will set you back about $3,000.

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