Hum of the City: We tried it: Yuba Boda Boda

Here’s a exerpt from a review from Hum of the City, a fantastic blog about being car-free with children in a hilly city (San Francisco).

“…This is an extremely easy bike to ride, both with and without kids aboard. The Boda Boda looks and feels like a beach cruiser, with wide handlebars and a relaxed and upright ride, but has massively increased carrying capacity. We had some friends who were only occasional riders try it, and even when it was loaded they took off without a wobble. This is common to some extent with all midtails, but our loaner Boda Boda had an advantage over the MinUte: a step-through frame. Even shorter riders could get on and off with contorting over the top tube or round-housing a kid sitting on the back deck.
The Boda Boda is a slender bike that can move easily through traffic. It has the same kind of rear supports as the Mundo, which are handy because they can hold up the bags or be used as footrests for older riders, but they are much narrower than the ones on the Mundo (as are the bags themselves). A Mundo with the Go Getter bags packed is three feet across, wider than many bike trailers, and it can be nerve-wracking to ride one in San Francisco’s narrow bike lanes and heavy traffic—as a result, I sometimes see Mundos riding on the sidewalk, even though this is illegal in San Francisco. The Boda Boda’s Baguettes, even fully packed, still lie pretty flat and make it possible to weave the bike through pinch points without a second thought (Baguettes can apparently be used on a Mundo as well, by the way)…”

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Outside Magazine: The Best $1,000 Utility Bike: Yuba Boda Boda Cargo Cruiser

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Best $1,000 Utility Bike: Yuba Boda Boda Cargo Cruiser



The Yuba Boda Boda Cargo Cruiser. Photo: Yuba Boda Boda


It’s the minivan of bicycles, though with more panache than that designation suggests.

With a swoopy, whimsical frame and whitewash balloon tires, this bike seems perfectly suited to neighborhood pedaling and easygoing afternoons strolls. But the Boda Boda is more than your average beach cruiser, thanks to a hefty cargo rack system integrated into the frame. It’s a stylish ride for trips to the farmer’s market or pedaling over for an afternoon on the water (yes, it can carry a surfboard or SUP).

Built from sturdy 6061 Aluminum, the Boda Boda is a pretty cool piece of engineering, with seat and chain stays that extend straight into the built-in rack system. We prefer the continuous lines of the Step-Over model, which has almost as much clearance as a standard mixte, but women who often ride in dresses will appreciate the Step-Through version. The geometry is decidedly upright, which a few of our testers said resulted in slightly wobbly handling. And all the extra metal in the frame for the rack system pushes the weight to a hefty 36 pounds, making the bike more stolid workhorse than chipper speedster. Those niggles aside, several testers said they’re considering getting Bodas of their own.

In contrast to the stylish looks, the components are mostly a good hard-working mix, including the 8-speed SRAM X3 drivetrain which, thanks to a generous 38-tooth ring up front, got us up even the steepest hills with a full load of groceries. It’s been awhile since we’ve ridden V-brakes, and Yuba’s reminded us just how well this simple design can work. Cork grips, springy faux leather saddle, and bamboo rack decking are all nice touches that add style. However, we found the kickstand inadequate for a bike this size and recommend upgrading to the Boda Double Stand ($69). That raises one other quibble: Though we’re happy to pay a little extra for true accessories (cushion and seat tube-mounted bars for passengers, for instance), features like a sturdy kickstand, a spring to keep the front wheel from over-rotating, and bamboo decking for the feet should be standard at this price.

Like the bicycle taxis in Africa from which the Boda Boda gets its quirky name, this bike can haul a surprising load, including, we found, two full-size adults in a pinch. It’s the minivan of bicycles, though with more panache than that designation suggests. If you’ve ever dreamt of ditching your car once and for all for a two-wheeled lifestyle, the Boda Boda might just be the perfect replacement. And if you need even more capacity (think SUV instead of minivan), Yuba’s Mundo Cargo will lug as much payload as your legs can manage.

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Electric Bike Report: Electric Bike Scene at Interbike, Part 3

Here’s an excerpt of the Electric Bike Report’s Interbike reporting:

Yuba had a couple of their electric cargo bikes on display.  Their new Boda Boda is cargo bike that is somewhere between a traditional bike and their sturdy cargo hauling Mundo bike.  The Boda Boda looks like it will carry quite a bit of cargo but it will be nimble enough to maneuver in congested areas.

They had a Boda Boda set up with a Bionx kit and they had their Mundo set up with an eZee electric kit.  The Mundo was displayed with a surf board attached!


Twin Cities Daily Planet: Cargo Bikes, New MN Bikes on the Streets?

Cargo bike: New Minneapolis bikes on the streets?

October 15, 2012

Can you imagine a future where you pick up groceries, friends and even a date on your bicycle? That’s the future Yuba Bicycles envisions, and they’re attempting to make it a reality.

The company released their newest cargo bike, the Boda Boda on October 6 at Calhoun Cycles, during the 6th annual Tiny Bike Shop Concert, which partnered up with Banjo Brothers and The Beez Kneez this year, advocating healthy living, Minneapolis bike culture, local music, and sustainable living.

“Cargo bikes are typically designed to carry a lot of payload,” said Kaytea Petro, the Marketing Director with Yuba Bicycles, “the trade off is that they’re slow and heavy. This cargo bike is a big payload cargo bike, but only weighs about 35 pounds, which is pretty much the same as any townie bike.”

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Riding on Roadways: Spotted In the Wild Review

Spotted in the Wild: Yuba Boda Boda

see October 14th, 2012, 6:37 pm”>October 14, 2012 · by Davey Oil · in


Hubba Hubba, Boda Boda!

I first spotted this Yuba Boda Boda midtail cargo bike during a commute home over Beacon Hill sometime last week. I don’t really remember the spotting, it was over so fast! Riding North, I noticed a rider heading South on Beacon. (I notice every bike in my field of vision. I bet some of you do, too. It’s a curse, right? An AWESOME curse.) As soon as I realized their bike was the new Yuba Boda Boda I started dinging my bell and shouting. Then they were gone. No picture, no story or bike review worthy of a blog post, and at this point, almost six months into this bloggy life, an event with no postwothyness is almost a nonevent. JK! There is more to life than this!

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Patch, MN: ‘Future of Urban Bicycling’ Hits Local Bike Shops

‘Future of Urban Bicycling’ Hits Local Bike Shops

Bike manufacturer compares new creation to a moped and bills it as ‘perfect for date night’

By James Sanna October 4, 2012

To urban sustainability types, the idea of bicycles replacing cars for most city trips is a lofty goal just out of reach. Now one bike manufacturer thinks they’ve got a solution—and it’s just gone on sale at local bike shop Calhoun Cycle.

If you just have to transport yourself to and from work or the bar, bicycles are great—fast, easy to park, relatively cheap. For anything more complex than that, whether it’s grocery shopping, transporting tiny family members to school, or carrying friends who lack bicycles, the current technology isn’t really there.

“We think there needs to be an ecosystem of options” for cyclists, said Kaytea Petro, spokesperson for Yuba Bicycles. “We’re trying to carve out a place for people who are practical slackers. The people who don’t have time to be political but who still want to get around on a bicycle.”

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Bike Radar: Commuter options abound at Interbike

Commuter options abound at Interbike

by Zach White

An encouraging number of casual around-town bikes and more serious commuter machines were shown at Interbike in Las Vegas this year. We also found a few good accessories that could improve your ride home from work now that the days are growing shorter.

Here is a look at some of the best we found.

Excerpt of the Boda Boda Cargo Cruiser review:

On the other end of the financial and weight scale of utility bikes from Bullitt comes Yuba’s brand new Boda Boda. With a price tag at $999 and weighing in at 35lbs, the aluminum bike is rated to carry 220lbs on its rear rack. It’s also one of the few utility bikes that offers a step-through frame model. The Boda Boda is available in medium and large sizes, with a claimed range between the two of 4’7”/140cm to 6’5”/196cm.

Another appreciated feature on such a long bike is that the ‘S’ downtube allows the front wheel to be turned 180-degrees, shortening the wheelbase enough to allow the Boda Boda to fit in a city bike rack much more easily.

Urban Velo: Yuba Boda Boda Cargo Cruiser

Yuba has been making longtail cargo bikes for a while now, and this year is introducing the Boda Boda, shorter wheelbase cargo bike. The bike weighs in at a mere 25 lbs due to the aluminum frame and sensible components, with a capacity to carry your 200 lb friend, or whatever other cargo you may want to lash on the back. It features mounts for optional side mount runningboards as footrests or extra cargo space, and braze-ons for a bolt on front basket.

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ACTIVE TIMES: Top Wheels for Women

Top Wheels for Women
The 10 best bikes a woman can buy

You can almost hear Barbara Grover, co-owner of Portland, OR’s Spendid Cycles shaking her head when she answers the question, “What are the best bikes for women?” Grover, who’s been in bicycle sales for years, has developed deep wells of patience, but even she can’t withhold her opinion—and perhaps a smidge of annoyance—when asked which bikes are ‘best.’ “It’s like asking what are the best shoes, bra or beer,” Grover grouses. There are so many varieties of bikes with so many uses—sport riding, transportation or just pure cycling pleasure. Read more here….