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Boda Boda Beyond Thunderdome

Some of our customers really exemplify the Yuba spirit; they put a lot of effort into helping others put the fun into bicycles and really having a ball on their Yubas. We’ve shown you pictures of Tim’s Pimped Out Boda Boda Before – but have you seen it dressed up as a autogyro from Mad Max? No, neither had we. 



I’m a both a Ride Leader and Chain Guard (safety) member of both the Denver Bike Night and the Denver Cruiser Ride. Last week our theme was “Mad Max, Beyond Thunderdome”, so I dressed up both myself and the bike as the Auto-Gyro Pilot. I had a great time and so did Max & Lu.


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The Washington Times: Summer Bike Gear Review


HALF MOON BAY, healing Calif., June 15, 2013 — Summer’s the time to get outside and enjoy plenty of time in the sunshine. It’s a lot easier on a bicycle, whether you’re zooming along city streets or blazing down mountain trails. Here are some key items — from helmet to jersey to that ideal bike that will help you enjoy the best of the season. All are products that have gotten rave reviews from sport-minded women, and on top of that, I’ve wear-tested them myself.

Yuba Boda Boda Bicycle

Yuba Boda Boda Bicycle (Photo: Yuba Bicycles)
Make your bicycle life more of a joy and less of a pain when you haul things around on Yuba’s Boda Boda cargo bike. The lightest and most compact cargo bicycle on the market today, it hauls your groceries, your kids, and even your surfboard. The variety of options allow you to configure the bike for your lifestyle, whether it’s a step-over or step-through frame, running boards, kids’ seat, baguette bag, or straps for that surfboard. The bike even comes in an electric version, which is handy for those windy days or when you’re hauling a lot of gear. Yuba Boda Boda Bicycle, from $1,199.

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The Street: The Digital Skeptic: Best Battery-Powered Car May Be a Bike

The Digital Skeptic: Best Battery-Powered Car May Be a Bike

BY Jonathan Blum

NEW YORK (TheStreet) — George Bliss has something, uh, shocking to say to all those fanatics of troubled electric sports car maker Tesla Motors.

“We’re backing the wrong battery-assisted vehicle,” Bliss told me as he assembled handlebars in front of his West Village bike shop, Hudson Urban Bicycles. “When you get people riding around upright, not looking like some angry street racer, batteries that help you ride easily make a difference.”

Bliss had assembled for me as critical a future as any in the world of alternative vehicles: The elBoda Boda electric pedal-assisted cargo bike, made by five-person, Petaluma, Calif.- based Yuba Bicycles (models start at $2,797).

I am as stunned as you are, but even in these fat-butt United States of America, the emerging generation of smart electric bicycles such as the elBoda Boda will be the critical driver in the battery-induced transport market, which includes trendy-with-investor electric vehicles including the Tesla, Chevy Volt, and the Nissan Leaf.

“There were 31 million electric bikes sold in 2012, mostly in China. That’s a $5 billion worldwide market in batteries,” Frank Jamerson explained to me. Jamerson is publisher of Electric Bikes Worldwide Reports, a Harbor Springs, Mich.-based eBike analyst firm. “Compare that market to pure EV vehicle types. There only 60,000 of those sold last year. That’s $630 million in total battery sales.”

Jamison is no eBike front runner. He first rode one back in the 1990s as part of his 35-year General Motors engineering career. He headed the electrochemistry research department, where he became the assistant program manager for GM’s doomed electric vehicle, the EV1.

“I’m a futures guy. I tried out an electric bike in Europe. I figured it would get folks to buy the EV1,” Jamerson said. “I even tried to import them. It was a disaster. But I know a lot about electric bikes.”

Jamerson says that the electric bicycles market is so massive that it moves the commodities market. The otherwise bike-obsessed mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, is expected to ban the things due to overpopularity.

“It’s basically the messengers,” Bliss explained to me. “They ride like maniacs and you can get going really fast. It pissed everyone off.”

If my month riding the elBoda Boda around town and out near my home in suburban Harrison is any indication, it’s easy to easy see why The Man is cracking down. Battery-assisted bikes are the crack cocaine of new-age transportation.

Use one once and you will never want to use anything else again.

Not battery powered. Battery “assisted”

If you’re smart enough to get a ride on a smart bike such as an elBoda Boda, you’ll realize instantly there is no throttle. Instead, this normal, seven-speed, external-geared bicycle carries a hard-drive sized battery that impels an internal hub-mounted motor that helps only as you pedal.

It all takes a bit of tinkering. But once I got comfortable with the handlebar-mounted control system, I found I could zip up all the way from the West Village to The Garden when the Knicks sparred with the Pacers, then head back down to the Lower East Side five miles away for a light Vietnamese dinner and some serious wine. Then back here to the West Village, all in my dress clothes, without breaking much of a sweat.

Or having a designated driver.

“It’s an incredible tool for threading the needle of moving around with a car,” Benjamin Sarrazin, owner of Yuba Bicycles, told me. “For local transport, they perform like cars, but without the weather protection.”

When it rained, I did get wet. And the battery, the bike and the stuff I carried are not light. They easily can add up to more than 200 pounds, which is manageable in traffic with the battery-assist. But it all takes practice. Plus the battery charges lasted just 25 miles or so and takes a full four hours to recharge, so it sucks when the battery is dead. Planning is needed. And then there is the cost — $2,700 is not cheap, even though a legit argument exists that the elBoda is a car replacement for certain users.

Bottom line: Smart folks will demo a smart bike carefully before buying one.

The smart bet on eBikes 

Now let’s make some money with eBikes: Electric bicycles will absolutely, positively not be a big U.S. product anytime soon. Jamerson said it will be big news when even 750,000 are sold in a year here. It’s the 40 million that will move around the globe in 2014 that matter. And battery makers doing that business will be Samsung, Panasonic, Sony (SNE_), Lishen in China andLG Chem.

Far more intriguing is how traditional carmakers are testing eBikes. Daimler and BMW are offering models. German parts maker Bosch (BOSCHLTD) is selling an eBike drive system to other bike makers.There’s even a sexy little start-up here: Canadian firm BionX, which made the elegant battery-assist unit for my test elBoda.

Jamerson thinks this car market interest will be the bellwether for eBikes.

“If the auto guys get in,’ he says, “The whole industry will change.”

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Men’s Journal: Best Bikes to Haul Stuff: Yuba Boda Boda

Shorter and lighter than full-blown cargo bikes, the Boda Boda feels (and looks) more like a casual beach cruiser with its laid-back personality, a stylishly swoopy frame, cushy saddle, and sweptback handlebars that encourage you to take in the scenery.

Tacked on to the back end is a generously sized cargo platform, though, which can be customized with Yuba’s own broad range of accessories, including baby seats, panniers, and a variety of decks. There’s also an available bolt-on front basket that just happens to perfectly fit two cases of beer and, yes, if you’re a little creative, you can even strap a surfboard to the back.

As with the Transport, the Boda Boda’s aluminum frame cuts down on weight but also stiffness. Yuba rates the total cargo capacity at 22 pounds, but doing so will also cause the tail end to wag a bit, so exercise care when loading.

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Yuba Bicycles ‘Boda Boda’ Cargo Bike Wins Green Dot Award for Best Sustainable Transportation

GreenDotAwards_Logo_dotYuba Bicycles has won a coveted Green Dot Award in the category of Transport for its Boda Boda cargo bike. Green Dot Awards are given to recognize businesses that have exceptionally high environmental standards and meet the needs of the present without compromising future generations.

“We are extremely proud to be recognized as an environmental leader, patient ” says Yuba Bicycles founder Benjamin Sarrazin. “The Yuba mission is to get people out of their cars and onto our cargo bikes to save gas, improve their health, save money and build more sustainable communities.”

The Yuba Boda Boda and other winners recognized for green design can be seen at

Boda Boda Wheelbase

From: A Curious Customer

Subject: Boda Boda Wheelbase

Message Body:
I have seen a post on Joe Bike that the Boda Boda will fit on a bus rack if the front wheel/handlebars are rotated 180 degrees.  But I’d love the measurements so that I can check that against our local bus racks.  What is the wheelbase of the boda boda with the handlebars and wheel rotated 180 degrees?

The Boda Boda Step-Through has a wheelbase of 48″, but when you turn the bars around, it’s 45″.

Boda Boda on Bus Rack

Lovely Bicycle: “The Tale of a Midtail Cruiser”

Traveling through the suburbs last week, I suddenly spotted something green and curvy zipping toward me on the opposite side of the road. It was a Yuba Boda Boda cargo bike – not a common sight around these parts. The woman astride it looked happy and carefree. As we passed each other, both of us waved with the zeal of true bicycle obsessionists, and yelled hello. I then spent the rest of the morning wondering who this mysterious woman was and how I could get a better look at her bike. But I didn’t have to wonder long. Having recognized me, she soon got in touch and we arranged to meet up.
Josette is a local cyclist and mother of two boys, ages 6 and 3. She lives in a hilly outer suburb of Boston and works in a neighboring, equally hilly suburb. Her typical daily commute involves taking her younger son to preschool, as well as cycling to and from work, for a total of 13 miles plus errands. Josette got back into cycling as an adult a few years ago, and has since owned a couple of bikes, including a modern hybrid and a vintage English 3-speed. She now wanted a cargo bike that was both easy to ride and could handle two children. She tried several cargo bikes, before settling on the Boda Boda – a new “midtail cruiser” model from the California-based Yuba: The Boda felt easier to manage than full sized longtails, and the handling felt more intuitive than that of the Dutch bakfiets. Josette purchased the bike at Ferris Wheels in Jamaica Plain (Boston) and has been riding it since October.

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