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Men’s Journal: Best Bikes For Hauling Stuff: Yuba Mundo

The Yuba Mundo is the pickup truck of the cargo bike universe, just an absolute workhorse of a machine, that rides as smoothly as any commuter bike. With 21 speeds and a carrying capacity of over 400 pounds, this is the perfect choice for schlepping the kids – you could fit two on the back cushions, plus maybe even another adult if you had to, as well as whatever else you need to haul.

For our test ride, we zipped a seven-year-old son to school through NYC traffic with no problem at all – at one point, we almost forgot the kid was back there. After work, we filled one 20-gallon pannier with groceries, including a small fig tree and a hydrangea plant for Mother’s Day and made our way home, hardly noticing the extra weight at all. The super-sturdy kickstand reduces the danger of tipping over and makes loading the bike a cinch.

Riding on the relatively flat NYC streets was no problem, but Yuba also offers an electric version for someone living in, say, San Francisco or a hilly rural area; a powered boost comes in handy, especially with any extra baggage. If there’s a downside, it’s that, at 53 pounds, the Mundo is heavy to maneuver when you’re not cruising, and it’s also massively long at 6 feet, 9 inches. And since it makes such an impression, locking it up outside, especially overnight, gives one pause. But these are minor quibbles for a machine that was made for carrying serious weight – kids, produce, a load of rocks, whatever, the Yuba Mundo is built to haul. [$1,250;]
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Bicycle Retailer: Dealer Tour: The Final Four

In Chicago’s working-class neighborhoods, link bikes are tools for getting around town.

CHICAGO, IL (BRAIN) — On the final day of the Dealer Tour, our group made its way into Chicago’s South Side and Lower West Side, working-class neighborhoods where two modest but friendly shops are satisfying a growing demand for bicycle repairs and low-cost transportation. They fix big-box bikes with a smile—all in the name of putting more people on bikes.

We also dropped in at a business that opened less than a month ago but offers up a model for retail merchandising done right, and we finished our 13-store tour at a high-volume shop that sells as many bikes and accessories out of a single location as many multi-store operations.

After two sunny and warm days, the weatherman forecasted afternoon showers. But luckily our group pedaled through 29 flat and dry miles.

A special thanks to our ride guides from Active Transportation Alliance and SRAM. Below is a recap of stores visited on Day 3. Additional coverage and photos will be featured in our upcoming June 15 print edition.

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Yuba Bicycles ‘Boda Boda’ Cargo Bike Wins Green Dot Award for Best Sustainable Transportation

GreenDotAwards_Logo_dotYuba Bicycles has won a coveted Green Dot Award in the category of Transport for its Boda Boda cargo bike. Green Dot Awards are given to recognize businesses that have exceptionally high environmental standards and meet the needs of the present without compromising future generations.

“We are extremely proud to be recognized as an environmental leader, patient ” says Yuba Bicycles founder Benjamin Sarrazin. “The Yuba mission is to get people out of their cars and onto our cargo bikes to save gas, improve their health, save money and build more sustainable communities.”

The Yuba Boda Boda and other winners recognized for green design can be seen at

Bike SD: Foto Friday: Cargo Biking

Foto Friday: Cargo Biking

Today’s inspiration comes from BikeSD member and bike advocate extraordinaire, ask  Michael Muhammad.

Muhammad and his family recently purchased a cargo bicycle from the newly openedMetrocyclery in Clairemont. The smiles have given the verdict on how the bike has been received.

A family that cargo bikes brings smiles everywhere.

If you’ve been looking for a way to carry the kids or the groceries, tadalafil a cargo bike may be just the solution you’ve been looking for. For more about cargo bikes, ask read this excellent article from Bicycling Magazine.


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Bicycle Paper: Yuba ‘Mundo Luxe’ Cargo Bike with NuVinci N360 Now Available

Yuba ‘Mundo Luxe’ Cargo Bike with NuVinci N360 Now Available

2013 model debuting at Sea Otter Classic.

April 17, pill 2013

By Kim A. Merrill, price Marketing Public Relations, Fallbrook Technologies Bicycle Products Division


San Diego, Calif. – Fallbrook Technologies Inc. (Fallbrook) has partnered with leading cargo bike company Yuba Bicycles to launch a luxury cargo bike featuring Fallbrook’s continuously variable NuVinci N360 transmission. The Yuba Mundo Luxe NuVinci will debut for the public at the Sea Otter Classic and is now available at Yuba dealers across North America.

The NuVinci N360 is the latest generation of Fallbrook’s award-winning continuously variable planetary (CVP) transmission for bicycles. Dealers and consumers can test-ride the innovative transmission at the Yuba Bicycles’ Booth 170 at Sea Otter, April 18-21 in Monterey, Calif.

“The NuVinci N360 continues to gain acceptance as the smooth shifting drivetrain of choice for transportation bicycles,” said Geoff Petrangelo, Fallbrook’s sales and business development manager. “Whether it’s commuting to work or transporting kids, delivering groceries or building materials, the NuVinci N360 enhances the riding experience and performance of city bikes, e-Bikes and cargo bikes.”

The award-winning NuVinci N360 provides cyclists with an infinite number of gearing choices between the highest and lowest ratios, a full 360 percent ratio range. The CVP transmission makes riding particularly enjoyable with seamless, continuous shifting (even under high pedal torque), without power interruptions, missed gears or dropped chains. The intuitive NuVinci shifter’s feather touch and visual display is easy to use, allowing the rider to fine-tune their pedaling cadence and effort with a twist of the wrist. The NuVinci N360 hub is also maintenance free.

“The Mundo Luxe Nuvinci is the perfect bike for someone who wants a no-hassle car-replacing vehicle. The bike can accommodate all sorts of cargo and passengers. The built in dynamo, lights and NuVinci 360 hub make for a safe, maintenance free, all-season ride,” said Kaytea Petro, Yuba’s Marketing Director.

The Primo Mundo NuVinci features a stiff all-steel frame that won’t flex with cargo on board, maximizing rider control. Its responsive steering and small turning radius is optimized for riding in traffic or on the trail. The Mundo Luxe Nuvinci’s integrated bamboo rear rack and sideloaders make it possible to transport large amounts of cargo—from groceries to children and friends to a surfboard. Additional features include Tektro disc brakes for greater stopping power and safety, a Shimano iLight front hub, WTB Freedom Cruz tires, Cionilli saddle, full coverage front and rear fenders, and front and rear Spannigna dynamo lights. The Mundo Luxe Nuvinci is available in green apple and matte black for an MSRP of $1999.

For more information or to find bike shops with the Yuba Mundo Luxe NuVinci visit To learn more about the NuVinci N360 drivetrain, visit


Yuba Bicycles founder Ben Sarrazin interview

Having just received our own Yuba Boda Boda in for review, pharm I realized it’d been a while since I hauled a “Break In” interview out of the drafts and onto the homepage. So, while our pretty new green bike transports kids, groceries and other stuff around town with me, I hope this interview with founder Ben Sarrazin transports your thoughts to finding your own way into the wonderful cycling industry…

BIKERUMOR: Who are you and what are you doing here?

BEN: I’m the founder of Yuba Bicycles, based in Petaluma, California. Yuba was the first company to launch a fully built cargo bike for the North American market, and we have customers around the country and world who use our cargo bikes for work, errands, bringing kids to school. Basically we want to empower people to use pedal power to get work done that would have required a car in the past. I designed the original Mundo cargo bike and I run the company.


Yuba Bicycles founder Ben Sarrazin interview

Yuba Mundo bikes, their original heavy duty model, at the office.

BIKERUMOR: What was your first job or experience in the cycling industry? How did you “break” in?

BEN: I was born in France, and back in 1984 my father started selling the first mountain bikes in France. This was long before mountain bikes had become a huge global presence. But he saw an opportunity and knew that mountain bikes would blow up in popularity, and he was right. That gave me my first glimpse into the bike industry, dealer visits, trade shows. Then I started doing European sales and work in the German market. In my 20s I traveled the world as a kayaker, and in many parts of the developing world I saw people using bikes to transport goods to market and to carry huge objects because they can’t afford cars. I thought, there should be a strong but nimble bike that would help people carry large objects and empower entrepreneurs. That’s when I had the “eureka” moment about building and selling cargo bikes. Hopefully, just like my father and his vision for mountain bikes, I am helping to launch a new era of cargo biking.

BIKERUMOR: What’s your educational background?

BEN: I studied science and environmental science. I had a very active sporting outdoor life as a youngster, skiing and cycling and hiking, and I’ve always been fascinated by nature. That interest in the natural world and its health is a big part of the mission at Yuba. Climate change from the burning of fossil fuels is changing the planet as we know it. If I can help people get out of their cars and use pedal power instead, to help people lead lives that are more sustainable, then I can feel proud that I am doing the right thing.

Yuba Bicycles founder Ben Sarrazin interview

The introduction of the Boda Boda, a smaller cargo bike.

BIKERUMOR: After that first experience/job, what was the path to your current position?

BEN: I saw an opening for cargo bikes and bikes for transportation in North America. In Europe people have been riding bikes for transportation forever. In North America, however, practical transportation bikes still take a back seat to fitness and recreation bikes – road bikes and mountain bikes. I saw that with the growing environmental awareness and the pursuit of greener lifestyles in North America that there was a market for cargo bikes. It is still a small market but it is growing and our sales have doubled every year. Many people have never heard of cargo bikes, so part of our goal at Yuba is to educate cyclists and consumers that there are bikes made for getting work done, carrying the kids to school, etc.

BIKERUMOR: What’s a normal day for you?

BEN: I ride my Boda Boda from my house in Petaluma to the Yuba office downtown, where I have a small team of employees whom I consider teammates. I am involved in every aspect of running Yuba: sales, management, production, marketing, design. At the end of the day I ride home to my wife and daughter. Sometimes I can even sneak in a paddle board ride on the waterfront that is just two blocks from my office. People in Petaluma are accustomed to seeing me riding my Mundo or Boda Boda through town carrying my standup paddleboard on the racks.

Yuba Bicycles founder Ben Sarrazin interview

Ben hauling his Christmas tree home.

BIKERUMOR: What are the highlights of your job?

BEN: I love meeting and hearing the stories of our customers who are using our bikes for all sorts of creative activities. We have small businesses such as Portland Pedal Power that do deliveries on our Mundos. There is a nature photographer who uses his Mundo to carry all his camera and video equipment. We have customers who have started food cart businesses, selling food and hauling all of their cooking equipment by cargo bike. Boise State in Idaho just purchased three Mundos so that staff can transport large objects across campus without using a vehicle. Hearing their stories and their enthusiasm for our bikes feels really good to me. Check out to see some of the stories and videos of our customers using Mundos and Boda Bodas in inspiring ways.

BIKERUMOR: What could you do without?

BEN: Claims and delays in the deliveries of all the components we need to build our bikes. This is something that all small companies deal with.

Yuba Bicycles founder Ben Sarrazin interview

…and using the SUP/Surfboard attachment (also known as bungie cords).

BIKERUMOR: What advice would you give someone looking to follow your path today?

BEN: My father was an entrepreneur and I feel strongly about the power of entrepreneurship and innovation, but it is also extremely challenging and takes your full commitment. To succeed you must have a product that is innovative or different or helps consumers use bikes in ways they may not have imagined in the past. My advice would be to look at what unique elements or experiences you can bring to the table and to follow your passion. If you are young, get a job in a bike shop so you can learn the wrenching skills that will help you no matter where you end up in the bike industry. Bikes are one of the greatest machines ever invented, and they can help end many of the problems we have on the planet. You may not get rich working in the bike industry, but you will have fun and hopefully will have the opportunity to ride your bikes all the time. For me, bikes are life.

Yuba Bicycles founder Ben Sarrazin interview

…and the BBQ grill attachment (also AKA lots of bungie cords plus a little imagination).

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