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Make a Real Difference – How Do You Cargo Bike?

If you want to make a difference for cyclists everywhere, dosage here’s your chance.

Please, sales take the Cargo Bike Transportation Survey – for all of us.

Bike-blog--Cartoon-from-t-002Dr. William Riggs is a professor of Transportation Studies at the California Polytechnical School in San Luis Obispo, California (Cal Poly).  Riggs has asked Yuba Bicycles to help him get the word out about his Cargo Bike Survey that will tell him how cargo bikes are being used in real life and how bicycles impact traffic patterns. The information from this survey will help urban planners to design new streets and roads that better incorporate bicycles as everyday traffic.

Please help.  Take the survey.  Forward the survey to your friends that have cargo bikes. Post the survey on your facebook page so others will take the survey.  The more people who tell us about how they ride, the more impact it will have.

This survey takes only about 5 minutes to complete and you might find out something interesting about yourself, too.  All responses are confidential.


Meet Dr. Riggs

Dr. William Riggs teaches bicycle and pedestrian planning and housing and economic development classes at CalPoly, erectile San Luis Obispo.  His research focuses on quantitative community analysis and urban planning policies with a specific interest in streets designed for biking and walking, check sustainability and technology.  He is doing a survey on how people use cargo bikes and wants your input.  Take the Cargo Bike Survey.

Yuba Sponsored Entry in USA Pro Challenge makes move in stage 7

Tim Schaefer  US Pro ChallengeHaving held back most of the tour, the Yuba rider Tim Shaefer employs a strategy that nearly wins him the yellow jersey.  The “distract ’em with beer” tactic, last used in the 1928 Tour de France, has never been used in an American Tour.  Despite not placing, Tim’s spirit’s are high. 

“With just 3 laps to go, the strategy that Max, Lu (my dogs in the basket) & I came up with to win the 2013 USA Pro Challenge Stage 7 in Denver is working out perfectly. Here we are nestled right between the race leader, Tejay van Garderen (yellow jersey) and Peter Sagan (green jersey), my legs were feeling great and the beers in the trailer cooler were icy cold. But alas, it wasn’t to be for 2013. Tejay would take the overall victory, and Peter would win the stage in the last few meters of the final sprint as well as the overall Sprinters Jersey.  We’ve got your numbers Tejay & Peter, just wait until next year!”


Boda Boda Wheelbase

From: A Curious Customer

Subject: Boda Boda Wheelbase

Message Body:
I have seen a post on Joe Bike that the Boda Boda will fit on a bus rack if the front wheel/handlebars are rotated 180 degrees.  But I’d love the measurements so that I can check that against our local bus racks.  What is the wheelbase of the boda boda with the handlebars and wheel rotated 180 degrees?

The Boda Boda Step-Through has a wheelbase of 48″, but when you turn the bars around, it’s 45″.

Boda Boda on Bus Rack

Cranksgiving Marin – Help the Marin County Food Bank

My favorite part of bicycling is that it makes me feel connected to the community.  When you ride a bike, you don’t ride through a community, you ride in it.  You feel this ethos when you are with other cyclists. It’s a community.  So as thanksgiving approaches, it only makes sense that cyclists would reach out to do something for the community around them.  Yuba Bicycles is proud to be sponsoring this event to benefit the community food bank this year.  Please join us.

Cranksgiving is a charitable event that happens every year all across America.  It has become a new tradition that cyclists can be proud of.  Cranksgiving Marin is our local cycling community coming together to help the less fortunate by collecting food for the Marin County Food Bank.   It’s a fun way to use our bicycles for a great cause.  We’ll ride to different grocery stores to collect all the food on our shopping list on a scenic tour through six marin county communities.

Riders will receive a “manifest” before the ride that they will use as a shopping list to purchase items from various grocery stores along the route.  Bagging rights go to the rider or team that completes first and the rider/team that collects the most.  In the end, the community wins.   All food is donated to the Marin county Food Bank who efficiently redistributes food to those in need.

The event is free, but you need to bring enough money to purchase the items on the manifest.  We recommend asking people you know to help by donating to your cause.  Remember to bring your biggest panniers and strongest bike if you plan to collect a lot of food.  And don’t forget your lock, too.

Celebrate with us at the After-Party hosted by Rock The Bike at the Marin County Brewing company starting at 5:00 when the winners of each category will be announced.   Any donation for the music at the after party will be gladly accepted.


Come to the Yuba Anniversary Party!


Yuba Bicycles’ Four Year Anniversary Party
Sausalito, CA

We are celebrating another great year for Utility Bikes all over the world and want all of our friends to come join us!  Have some fun, ride the latest from Yuba, talk to other cargo bike people from around the bay.


WHEN:       Friday, November 4th

WHERE:    YUBA World Headquarters – 2350 Marinship Way #SW5, Sausalito, CA 94965.

WHO:         Everyone’s welcome!

Yuba & PedalFest at Jack London Square

Wow!  PedalFest Jack London Square was awesome!  Great weather, great music (thanks, Rock The Bike), lots of Great Bikes.  Thanks to eveyone who came by the Yuba Booth and especially those who snagged a great deal on a Mundo.  Thanks, East bay Bicycle Coalition for all your work putting this together and especially thanks to Mike Stangl for coordinating the whole thing.  Great job!

Hey Yubanisters!  Dying to get out and enjoy this beautiful Bay Area Indian Summer weather with the kids?  We have a great idea.  Pile the kids onto the Mundo and head to the Jack London Square PedalFest — a celebration of all things bicycling.

Don’t yet have a Mundo?!  Yuba is making a special offer on Yuba Mundos at the show to support the East bay Bicycle Coalition.  Come see us at the Yuba tent to get a great deal on a brand new Mundo version 4.0 and support the East Bay Bicycle Coalition.

Rock the Bike will be there with their “Pedal Powered Stage” – a stage powered by bicyclists riding Mundos.  It’s so cool!  Come by the Yuba Booth and see how fun and easy it is to carry one or two kids on the Yuba Mundo to go shopping for groceries or go for an outing in the park.   We’ll have all the Mundos and Accessories there.   There’ll be activities for the kids and lots of cool bike stuff to see.

We want to see your custom Yuba.  If you’re been waiting to get your Mundo, now’s the time.


Dan Loves His elMundo in DesMoines

If you’re tired of feeling stuck in your car, save your money, take out a loan or sell a bunch of your useless stuff on eBay and buy the electric assist Yuba Mundo.  In the last two weeks I have commuted at least 250 miles on my bike hauling my children to swimming lessons and summer art camp and then off to my  job and back home.

The ability to get up hills without a complete melt down has been great considering it has been 100 + degrees and if you know Iowa, it ain’t like Arizona – no dry heat.  It’s moist and it sticks although I’m still peddling I’m not pouring  with sweat so I don’t need a shower as I would if I had no assist.  It has transformed my life and I am looking forward to all the rides I get to have.  It’s so wonderful how the trips around the town open up into little mini adventures without the dread of the hills.

The only obstacle is trying to stay off the streets that are too busy.  They are not so bad when I’m by myself but it’s not so good when I have the kids on the bike.  So if you’re thinking about getting one don’t delay it is a real treat!

Daniel Koenig,

DesMoines, IA

Yuba “Change Your Mobility” Tour comes to Seattle!

The Great Yuba Tour of America (aka The Change Your Mobility Tour) continues to the Pacific Northwest!  We want you to join us in Seattle for a utility bike tour though town on Thursday, August 11th.  Where should we start? Where should we go?  You tell us!  Check out our latest route map and see if we’ll be in your neighborhood.  Wanna test ride a Mundo?  Wanna get a sweet deal on a demo Yuba?  Drop us a line!  For the full Yuba Tour, see our latest “Change your Mobility Tour” Map here!

Seattle Bicycle Club outing, Seattle, 1947

“Bicycles have been popular in the Seattle area since their introduction in the 1890s.  In this photo, taken in 1947, members of the Seattle Bicycle Club cycle along an unidentified Seattle road.”  University of Washington Libraries via Flickr.

The Cascade Bicycle Club is a great resource for information about bicycling in Seattle.

View YUBA Change Your Mobility Tour – Summer ’11 in a larger map