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Dealer Profile: J.C. Lind in Chicago

Located in Old Town Chicago, J.C. Lind specializes in transportation and cargo biking. Part of a growing community of biking in Chicago, they sell commuting, cargo, and kid-carrying bikes. You won’t find a mountain bike or lightweight carbon road frame in the shop. Lights, locks, fenders, childseats, yes.
San Francisco transplant Adam Aufdencamp picked up his Mundo at J.C. Lind, as did Andrew from Ding Ding, Let’s Ride, a blog following the transportation cycling movement in Chicago.
J.C. Lind
1311 N Wells St  Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 643-1670


Boda Boda a natural for Public Transportation

Long-wheelbase cargo bikes like the Mundo can be awkward in Public Transportation, viagra 40mg requiring improvisation, decease finesse, stomach and charm to deal with tight spaces and testy conductors. But the Boda Boda seems to be a natural. Here are a couple photos of a Boda Boda on the Caltrain Bike Car and in a BART elevator. Next test: a bus front rack!

Pleasant Revolution riders return to New York by boat after 6-month bicycle-supported tour of Europe, playing Pedal Powered concerts en route.

Last week, after touring Europe for six months with no truck or van support, the members of the Pleasant Revolution returned to New York City by boat from England, a bit scruffier and stronger than when they embarked in May, and with plenty of great stories to tell.  Four of the group rode V3 Yuba Mundo Cargo bikes.
Above: Amanda Mora Jones performs her original music at Barceloneta Beach with backup from Cello Joe on cello, Louis on Flute, Scat on Trumpet, and Jared May on bass. Four members of the audience pedal to create the power for the stage monitor and amplifiers; two of the four generators were Yuba Mundos.  Click the photo for a large version. Photo: Gerard

Yuba stepped up to sponsor the tour because we wanted to make a genuine contribution to a Bike Culture project we believed in, not just get our name out there. Fortunately we couldn’t have asked for a better crew and venue to put our gear to the test. The Mundos we sponsored were heavy duty haulers, Pedal Power generators, and even a mobile LiveOnBike stage.

The Pleasant Revolution co-produced Bicycle Music Festivals in 5 cities, including Barcelona, above. What makes a Bicycle Music Festival different from the more frequent Pedal Powered busking sessions on the tour is the full-day all-encompassing nature of the event. A Bicycle Music Festival packs up and moves 3 times over the course of a day by bike, a feat that would not be possible without cargo bikes like the Mundo.

Above, yours truly, Fossil Fool, singing LiveOnBike at the Barcelona Bicycle Music Festival, with Jared May on bass and Cello Joe on bucket drums. I joined the tour for 5 weeks when it entered Spain and helped to produce the Barcelona BMF.  Photo: Gerard

Rather than just hauling the gear to our next Bicycle Music Festival venues, we would rock out en route with  LiveOnBike performances, like the one in the video below:

Fossil Fool performs on a Mundo at the Bicycle Music Festival

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Video of Family Ride to the Park on a Mundo

Adam is a strong cyclist who loves a good workout. With the Mundo he can ride places and do things with his girls, who are 7 and 9.  Even with his older daughter seated at the very back of the Mundo’s carrier, the handling of the bike is very predictable. This makes riding easier;  the upper body and brain don’t have to make constant corrections to keep the bike tracking straight.

The video below shows the feeling of one of these afternoons: winding through city traffic, stopping for a snack, making it to the park, cruising home. It’s quality time, out of the car and in the community. Thanks to Grace for editing and posting!

Discovering a new path in Golden Gate park. Photos: rockthebike