About Yuba Bicycles

Steve Bode, malady Sales Director
An adventure cyclist from a very young age, shop Steve especially loves bicycle touring and is passionate about travel in all forms including sailing, outrigger canoeing, stand-up paddleboarding, trains and motorcycles. He especially enjoys taking his Mundo to new cities and riding around learning about the history, meeting new friends and introducing people to the joys of being out of your car. Previous to Yuba, Steve revolutionized telecommunications with the goal of minimizing commutes by enabling people to work from home.

+Steve sometimes wonders if he is the last guy in the bicycle business without a tattoo.

Paul Freedman, Partner
Paul is on the forefront of Bike Culture, as an inventor, advocate, and performer. His event crew, Rock The Bike, uses Yuba cargo bikes to transport their Pedal Powered Stage gear to and from local events. Paul’s work in Kenya on low-cost cargo bikes helped to spark the Mundo and Boda Boda (named after Kenyan bike taxi operators).

Leif Bansner, Design & Engineering
Leif began bike commuting in 2nd grade and hasn’t looked back.  As well as his everyday needs, he’s often seen carrying friends, music systems and bicycle powered blenders with his cargo bike. He enjoys designing products that allow more people to get on cargo bikes to explore their surroundings and connect  with community.

Marc Azevedo, Operations
Marc has over 10 years experience wrenching bikes. Since owning his own Yuba, 100% of his in-town errands have been done by peddle power. He commutes to work and back: 38 miles, one or two times per week. When not customizing cargo bikes, Marc works as an  improv performer and juggling performer/teacher, which he’s done for over 6 years.

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